Saturday, January 27, 2018

Babbler 0.7.5 released

I am pleased to announce a new bugfx release 0.7.5 for the XMPP Java client library. It only contains non-security related bug fixes.

Here's what got fixed:

  • Add stream ID to ConsoleDebugger output (Issue #105).
  • Improve CustomIQ example and documentation (Issue #112).
  • PingManager: Make exception for feature-not-implemented (Issue #113).
  • Allow configuration of custom name server for DNS SRV resolution.
  • MUC service discovery should handle items with non-room JIDs (Issue #106).
  • Connecting to stream hosts should not exceed configured response timeout (Issue #111).
  • Fixed DataForm.getReportedFields() to work when null.
  • Fix NullPointerException in RPC Value class (Issue #117).
  • Fix memory leak on WebSocket connection failure (Issue #122)
  • Ensure WebSocket session is closed, if server does not respond with <close/> element.
  • Store avatar image using correct hash code.

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