Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Babbler 0.8.1 released

A new version 0.8.1 of the Java XMPP library has been released! It contains primarily bug fixes only, but also contains an important improvement of the thread usage, especially when using NIO connections.

Basically the library now shares thread pools with multiple sessions. Contrary to 0.8.0, this new feature combined with NIO now really sllows to run many simultaneous sessions. Thanks to David Bidorff for the ExecutorService implementation! But even without using NIO, the thread count should drastically decrease when using multiple sessions.

Everything else are bug fixes only and can be read here.


  1. Great job. can you upload the jar file as well. The last version was 0.7.4

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  3. Hey Christian,

    I am just wondering if there is any way for an InboundMessageListener or an InboundIQListener to see the raw packet that was received. I ask because some of the other applications communicating to my babbler client are using Message properties and vCard fields that are not supported within babbler. Specifically,

    VCard vcard = iq.getExtension(VCard.class);

    The vcard object is missing some of the vCard data that I can see in the IQ packet of the XMPP debugger. The same thing is happening with my message, where an attached property that I see in the XMPP debugger is gone by the time I request the MessageEvent.getMessage() from my IncomingMessageListener.

    Any help would be much appreciated, and I apologize if this is not the best place to ask this question.


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