Saturday, February 11, 2017

Babbler Version 0.7.3 released

I've released version 0.7.3 of the Java XMPP library. This is primarily a "bug fix and improvements" release and is compatible with previous 0.7.x releases. Here's the changelog:
  • Use single equals sign (“=”) for zero-length data in SASL, as per RFC 6120 § 6.4.2
  • Allow configuring a custom stream host and skip proxy discovery then for SI file transfer.
  • Implement WebSocket pings/pongs.
  • Fix WebSocket’s proxy URI construction.
  • Use connect timeout for WebSocket connections.
  • XEP-0198: Send an ack right before gracefully closing the stream (i.e. update to version 1.5.2).
  • MUC Room “enter” events should fire for oneself entering the room as well.
  • Use java.text.Collator for String-based default comparison.
  • XEP-0066: Use URI instead of URL.
  • Fix XMPP Ping in External Components, which broke the connection.
  • Jid.asBareJid returns this if it is already bare, reducing GC pressure.
  • connect() method should not throw CancellationException
  • Check if the connection has been secured (if configured) before starting to authenticate.

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  1. Thanks for your library. It was very useful especially when i use complex extensions. I have created some codes, and succeed very easily.

    But when I check the xmpp messages by the wireshark, I could see nothing. I know there is the xmpp-debug and VisualDebugger. But I hope to see the packets by wireshark.

    Is there any reason that the packets are not shown in the wireshark?

    1. I guess because they are encrypted (Transport Layer Security). You could try without TLS: in XmppSessionConfiguration.Builder#secure(false), but maybe your server won't allow unencrypted connections.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I had configured the secure option falsed. But I can't confirm my server allow unencrypted connection. If I find out something about this, I will leave a message here.